Outdoor Dining in Oxford, Ohio

Temperatures are rising and the sun has been gracing us with its presence more and more. Let's all say it together now: "Summer is here!"

It's therefore a great time for al fresco dining, and Oxford has quite a few options to do just that. So grab a friend or two and check out our town's outdoor dining options.

A group of people sittin around a table on a patio outside Ramen Hachi.

Ramen Hachi

17 W. Church St. | (513) 255-9470

Ramen Hachi offers a truly mouthwatering experience in the form of, you guessed it, ramen! But that's not all. In addition to giant (not to mention beautiful) bowls of noodles, Ramen Hachi also has rice bowls and small plate options on their menu.

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A yellow slush drink with a straw in a wine glass on an outdoor patio table at Books and BrewsChurch St. Social

107 E. Church St. | (513) 255 - 9281

Formally known as Books & Brews, Church St. Social is the perfect place for both friends and families with little ones to gather. In addition to shelves upon shelves of books (which you can purchase on the cheap!), they also have a wide selection of board games. Take one out to the patio along with a delicious drink or a shareable plate. Nachos, anyone?

Oh and if doggos are your thing, you're very likely to see a few on the Church St. Social patio, which is notoriously doggo-friendly.

Church St. Social is active on Instagram where they post specials, events, and updates on new beer arrivals.

Fiesta Charra

25 W. High St. | (513) 524 - 3114

Fiesta Charra has tables lined up against the front of the building facing High Street. Sit back, relax, and enjoy delicious queso, a giant margarita, or any other item on Fiesta Charra's expansive menu.

Fiesta Charra has daily deals & specials that you can find on their Facebook here.

A photo of the outside of El Burrito Loco restauraunt.El Burrito Loco

102 S. Locust St. | (513) 523 - 6639

We of course love our Uptown District, but let's always remember that Oxford has amazing businesses scattered all throughout town such as El Burrito Loco on Locust Street! This locally-owned restaurant has a spacious patio on which you can lounge while eating taco salads, enchiladas, and much more.

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Left Field Tavern

12 W. Park Place | (513) 523 - 0015

Left Field Tavern (right next door to the Enjoy Oxford office!) has a large, fenced-in patio for lots of privacy while you dine. Stop by and chill in this outdoor space during the day or come at night for a twinkling atmosphere under the glow of string lights.

Menu items include pub-grub favorites like Beer Battered Onion Wings, as well as entrees featuring steak, salmon, smoked pork chops, and more.

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Patterson's Cafe

103 W. Spring St. | (513) 523 - 0770

Patterson's, a staple here in town since 2003, has umbrella-topped tables right outside the front of the cafe where you can sit with a friend and chat over breakfast, brunch, or lunch. We recommend the Chunky Monkey pancakes or Eggs Benedict. Ah, who are we kidding? The whole menu is amazing so get whatever you want. You won't be disappointed.

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Fire pits ignited in the middle of outdoor seating right outside the Lamplight Room at Gaslight BrewhouseGaslight Brewhouse

325 S. College Ave. | (513) 280 - 6237

Formerly known as Scotty's Brewhouse, Gaslight Brewhouse has undergone some beautiful changes such as their Lamplighter Room! With the garage doors open, this spacious room suddenly feels like you're sitting right outside. But if you want to actually sit outside, there's additional seating right beyond the Lamplighter Room. This outdoor space is complete with comfortable seating and firepits during the winter.

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Bagel & Deli

119 E. High St. | (513) 523 - 2131

Talk about a classic Uptown Oxford experience. Bagel & Deli is so good that people have literally driven hours for it. Try one (and eventually all, if you want to win a t-shirt) of their unique bagel sandwich creations, then go outside and devour the messy goodness at a table out front.

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Four dark brown picnic benches outside of Skipper's Pub with the Skipper's Logo visible in the windowSkippers Pub & Top Deck

121 E. High St. | (513) 523 - 0066

For yet another classic Uptown experience, get a gyro or Reuben (and maybe a beer tower?) at Skipper's. In addition to their plentiful seating inside, they also have four picnic benches fenced in right outside the front doors.

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A photo of Phan Shin restauraunt.Phan Shin

104 W. High St. | (513) 523 - 1020

Phan Shin is beloved here in town, and for good reason! Not only has it been here since 1985 (making it the oldest Chinese restaurant in town), the food is undeniably delicious. Choose from either their Classic Cuisine menu like Hunan (mixed veggies sauteed in a spicy red pepper sauce) or a Chef Special like the Black Pepper Beef. They have tables right outside their windows facing High Street so have a seat and breathe in the fresh air while you eat.

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Other Options!

There are other businesses uptown, such as Skyline, Bruno's Pizza, So Hi, Kofenya, Drop-In Tea, and Fridge & Pantry that have some tables and chairs outside their storefronts. Take a walk down High Street and around the surrounding streets to explore your options.

We're also huge fans of picnics in the Uptown Park, so get your food to go and find a seat either on the grass or at one of the many picnic tables scattered throughout the park.

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