Oxford Night Lights Passport

Welcome to the 2020 Oxford Night Light's Passport! Beginning Tuesday, December 1st, you'll be able to pick up a passport from either the Enjoy Oxford office (14 W. Park Place) or the Oxford Community Arts Center (10 S. College Ave.). We will also have a PDF that you can download and print at home. Simply click here.

The deadline to turn in your passport is Thursday, January 31st.

Safety first: Please wear a face mask (it is required in high traffic areas such as our Uptown streets) and practice physical distancing when entering these businesses. Learn more about Oxford's COVID safety here.

How does it work?

1. Pick up your passport!

2. Begin exploring Oxford businesses. The more businesses you go into it, the more stickers you'll get! Simply walk up to a friendly employee at the register and let them know you'd like a sticker for your passport.

You do not need to make a purchase at the participating businesses to get a sticker, though we think you'd definitely benefit from getting some of your holiday shopping done at the same time! Two birds with one stone, and all that. Plus, you'll be supporting local, and what's better than that? To help you get started, we've even put together a Winter Decor & Dressing Warm guide so you'll know exactly where in town to go to get your cute winter decorations this year, plus where to get the coziest sweaters and thickest socks.

3. Once you've gone to three or more businesses (the more the better!) make sure to fill out your contact information inside the passport, then turn it back into the Enjoy Oxford office. If we're closed, you can leave it in the box on the door. Or you can simply take a photo of the inside of the passport so we can see where you went, then send your photos to Info@EnjoyOxford.org

4. Your name will be entered in a drawing! If you won a prize, we'll be in touch! See how easy that was?

Participating Businesses

Go into three or more of these participating businesses, check off their names in your passport, and get a sticker from an employee to put on the passport's sticker page. Remember, the more businesses you go into, the bigger a prize you're eligible to win!

If a business has an asterisk next to its name, that means it's participating in the DORA! You can get a drink at these locations and walk around uptown with them.


Aqua Tea (33 W. High St.)
Bagel & Deli (119 E. High St.)
Bodega (11 W. High St.)
Bruno’s Pizza (31 E. High St.)
Books and Brews (107 E. Church St.) *
Corner Grill & Drinkery (12 E. Park Pl.) *
Cru Gastro Lounge (105 W. Spring St.)
El Burrito Loco (102 S. Locust St.)
Fridge & Pantry (35 E. Church St.) *
Gaslight Brewhouse (325 S. College Ave.)
Happy Kitchen (32 W. High St.)
Kofenya (38 W. High St.) *
Krishna (28 W. High St.)
Left Field Tavern (12 W. Park Pl.) *
O Pub (10 W. Park Pl.)
Oxford Doughnut Shoppe (120 S. Locust St.)
Paesano’s Pasta House (308 S. Campus Ave.)
Patterson’s Cafe (103 W. Spring St.)
Phan Shin (104 W. High St.)
Skipper’s Pub & Top Deck (121 E. High St.) *
Sorrio’s Bar & Osteria (26 W. High St.) *
Yum Yum Chinese Food (24 E. Park Pl.)


The Apple Tree (28 E. High St.)
Bikewise (9 N. Beech St.)
The Birdhouse Antiques (114 W. High St.)
Capitol Varsity (6732 Ringwood Rd.)
Peak Health & Nutrition (325 W. Spring St.)
Shademaker’s Garden Center (304 Collins St.)
Walker’s Footwear & Apparel (1 W. High St.)
Wild Berry (15 W. High St.)


Oxford Community Arts Center (10 S. College Ave.)
You’re Fired (6 N. Beech St.)

This passport is part of Oxford Night Lights, a sparkly winter campaign that encourages you to get outside and enjoy lights, arts, and our local businesses.

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