Winter Drinks in Oxford, Ohio

'Tis the season for delicious winter drinks! And Oxford's locally-owned bars and restaurants have a range to choose from. How about a Kentucky Maple Mule? Or maybe a Betty White Russian with Irish cream? And warm-up with a Special Hot Chocolate! The list of festive flavors is endless and sure to warm you right up.

Almost all of the businesses on the list are part of the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA), which means you can take these decadent holiday drinks to go! We suggest getting a warm drink in a DORA cup and then walking around uptown to enjoy all the twinkling lights or having seat in one of the igloos.

Due to winter break and COVID, business hours are subject to change. We recommend calling ahead before venturing out to make sure businesses are open during the hours you plan on visiting!

An alcoholic drink with blueberries, a lime wedge in a copper cup.Church Street Social

107 E. Church St.

When you think of Church Street Social, you probably think of Trivia Night, delicious bites, and fun special events. This winter you'll also be thinking of their seasonal drinks, of which they have quite a few.

  • Santa's Cider
    • Captain Morgan with apple cider, served hot or cold
  • Winter Wonderland Martini
    • Vodka, peppermint schnapps & white chocolate liqueur, garnished with a mini candy cane
  • Mistletoe Mule
    • Your choice of vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whiskey, with cranberry &lime juice, topped with ginger beer
  • Cringle-rita
    • Tequila, triple-sec, and lime juice, topped with cranberry juice

Church Street Social is participating in the DORA. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

A drink in a wine glass with cranberries and a cinnamon stick.Gaslight Brewhouse

325 S. College Ave.

Gaslight Brewhouse not only offers a wide selection of holiday drinks but a back patio with firepits on which to enjoy them! Make sure to call ahead for availability.

This season their drinks include a Frozen White Christmas Margarita, Poinsettia Cocktail, Bourbon Maple Mule, Snowflake Martini, The Grinch, and Apple Cranberry Spiced White Sangria!

Looking for something for the little ones? Try the Son of a Nutcracker Elf Shake, a peppermint shake topped with whip cream and gumdrops.

Follow Gaslight on Instagram for updates.

Three lattes on a table outside.Kofenya

38 W. High St.

Who doesn't adore cozy, locally-owned coffee houses? Kofenya is a favorite to both Miami University students and residents alike, and this year they're keeping everyone extra toasty with a selection of warm-you-up cocktails:

  • London Hazey: Earl Grey tea, Frangelico’s, and Bailey’s
  • Lumberjacked: black coffee, maple syrup, and Jameson

  • Nutella Nightcap: Mocha latte with Frangelico’s

  • Hot chocolate with Bailey’s, Jameson, and Frangelico’s

Kofenya is participating in the DORA. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

A coffee drinkn with whipped cream in a glass mug.

Sorriso Osteria & Bar

26 W. High St.

Sorriso Osteria & Bar is the new kid on the block and we couldn't be more excited about them! With a fun and fresh selection of pizza, grilled sandwiches, and tiramisu for dessert, what's not to love?

This season they're offering some additional menu items that include their specialty drink, the Cafe Sorriso, a chocolate hazelnut coffee. You can also order a variety of other coffee cocktails and a spiked peppermint hot chocolate cocktail topped with a generous amount of marshmallows.

Sorriso is participating in the DORA. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Left Field Tavern

12 W. Park Place.

Left Field Tavern, nestled right in the corner next to the Enjoy Oxford office uptown, is a go-to place for pub grub. Wings, burgers, and the best-toasted ravioli you've ever had! Debuting for Chocolate Meltdown and staying for winter is the Bourbon Cream Hot Chocolate (that will warm you up for sure!).

This winter LFT is also offering the classic Hot Toddy, a cookies & cream martini, a cinnamon & apple martini, and Miami Ice cocktails.

Left Field Tavern is participating in the DORA. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

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