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Are you a Miami University student or alumni who's missing town and wants to relive memories with a Bagel & Deli sweatshirt or some incense from Wild Berry?

Or maybe you're a townie who just wants to show Oxford some love by supporting local, and maybe you want to do that from the comfort of your couch. We get it! Fortunately, plenty of of local Oxford businesses have online shops so you can fill up a digital cart and have goodies delivered right to your front door.

You can have a little piece of Oxford with you wherever you are or wherever you go, thanks to the online retail shops we've listed below.

Bagel & Deli

Bagel & Deli is the kind of place people are willing to drive 2.5 hours for, and with good reason. This local shop's unique bagel sandwich menu spans an entire wall with creations made from locals and celebrities alike. If you've ever stepped foot into Bagel & Deli on a late weekend night, you know that the tiny space holds a surprising amount of people (pre-pandemic, of course).

Shirts, hoodies, and even onesies for your babies are available in Bagel & Deli's online shop. Wear one of these and no matter where you go you're likely to be stopped by someone who shares your love for our small town bagel sandwich haven.

Shop Bagel & Deli merchandise at

Wild Berry

Wild Berry is well known nationally for their incense, available in a wide range of unique scents such as Baking Brownies (smells just like its name and therefore delicious) and Fizzy Pop (a lemon lime soda fragrance, also delicious). In addition to their many incense, Wild Berry also sells burners, oils, wax melts, and much more. If you're a student or alumni, no doubt burning something from Wildberry will bring up pleasant memories of your dorm room or off-campus apartment.

These products, as well as logo merchandise such as hats and duffle bags with the Wild Berry logo, are available to order online at

Skipper's Pub and Top Deck

Skipper's holds a special place in many an Oxfordian's heart, whether they be a student or longtime resident. In addition to being both a trivia and live music venue, Skipper's has some of the best bar food in town, from chicken wings to burgers and fries. In the mood for something a little different? They also have gyros, salads, chicken sandwiches and more.

But wait, this article isn't about food.

Skipper's sells apparel, too! We're talking hoodies (both full length and crop), hats, and t-shirts. Buy from Skipper's online shop at

DuBois Bookstore

Looking for Miami University or Oxford pride merchandise? Look no further than DuBois Bookstore. They sell everything from clothing like jerseys and sweatshirts to gifts and souvenirs like flags, cards, and home decor. The list is endless so if you want it, chances are DuBois has it.

It's the perfect store to browse whether you're shopping for your Miami student or just want something to memorialize your own time in Oxford.

You can order all of this and more from the DuBois online store,

The Apple Tree

Chances are you're familiar with The Apple Tree, if not for their lovely products then for their gorgeous storefront on High Street with its painted windows and product displays.

The Apple Tree has jewlery, clothing, and home accesorries (think towels and candles). Looking for something for your pet? They've got you covered there as well with toys, leashes, and four-legged-friendly blankets for sale.

All of these items and more are available for purchase on Apple Tree's newly launced eCommerce site,


Ah, Kofenya. Home to early morning coffee grabs and late night study sessions. In addition to their freshly roasted coffee, Kofenya also offers gourmet toastes, breakfast wraps, and local craft beer.

But of course that's not all. Kofenya's branded merchandise like hoodies and shirts means you can wear your love for this locally-owned uptown coffee shop right on your sleeve. And if you're looking to enjoy a taste of Kofenya in the comfort of your home, wherever that may be, you can purchase bags of whole bean coffee and loose leaf tea. Now you can relive the memories of cramming for finals week, except without the stress of actually taking finals.

Browse Kofenya's online shop at

Oxford Coffee Company

Oxford Coffee Company has long been a staple in town and now, thanks to their online shop, you can indulge in all your favorite flavors with just the click of a button. Scroll through a varied selection of coffees and loose leaf teas, as well as all of the best kitchen equipment to make it just the way you're used to.

Additionally, their Gifts and Goodies section includes logo earrings and a coffee bean scrub that will no doubt feel as good as it smells. Suffice to say, if you've got a coffee or tea lover in your life then they'll love anything you gift them from the Oxford Coffee Company. Their online shop available at

Brick Street

A college town means a bustling nightlife, and that's exactly where Brick Street comes in. This large music venue boasts a huge dance floor and stage where musicians from all over the country have performed.

You've either been inside Brick Street or have at least walked by and seen the long lines of students waiting to get in on weekend nights. This venue is so popular that students have been known to include it in their graduation photo shoots.

Brick Street's online shop includes hoodies, drink tumblers, and now even face masks. Shop online here.

Polyrhythm Studio

If you've been in the Enjoy Oxford office, you may have seen adorable Oxford enamel pins and Oxford coloring books for sale. We're selling these for Polyrhythm Studio, the same company whose design work you can see on our website and in our new Black History Tour printed guide.

Polyrhythm sells their enamel pins as well as coloring books and coloring post cards online. The designs are unique and the coloring books and postcards will make the perfect customizable Oxford souvenirs for a loved one, whether they're missing Oxford or are on their way here for the first time.

Shop Oxford Love items from Polyrhythm here.

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