4 Things to Do as a Miami Student in Oxford

A black and white photo of the blog's author, LeeAnn, smiling while resting her face on her handHello! My name is LeeAnn Burczynski and I'm a rising senior at Miami University. I'm from Massillon, Ohio, which is a small city an hour south from Cleveland. We also are close to Canton, which is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I usually just tell people I'm from an hour south of Cleveland so I don’t have to go into the logistics of where my hometown is because 99% of the time they don’t know where it is.

Coming to Miami, I had a mix of emotions. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life, scared to grow up, nervous to be four hours away from home, and optimistic for the future. Now, going into my last year of living in this small college town that I call home, I wish I could go back and tell the 18-year-old LeeAnn that she was in for the ride of a lifetime.

When I visited campus, the first thing that I fell in love with was the town. I loved how uptown (yes uptown, not downtown) was lined with bricks. I loved how it was such a small college town with such vibrant energy. I instantly knew this was going to be my home for the next four years of my life.

Whether you stumble into Oxford for a visit, or you are here for the long haul, here are five things that you need to do as soon as you get here!LeeAnn sitting on a wall outside a red brick campus building with the words Miami University on the wall beneath her

A toasted bagel sandwich with Doritos chips1. Go to Bagel & Deli

The iconic bagel shop located in the heart of Oxford’s uptown district offers over 90 bagel sandwich creations by students, employees, customers, and even famous people. From sweet to savory bagels, there will be something to satisfy your taste buds. Personally, Bagel & Deli (119 E. High St.) is one of my favorite parts of Oxford. I am the president of Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) on campus and we plan events for the student body to enjoy. One of the events we've put together is a Bagel & Deli Competition where students are able to create their own original bagel sandwich. The winner then has the opportunity to have their bagel sold at the shop for a year! This local shop does their very best to connect with the student body and are so welcoming. If you happen to find yourself in there, I suggest reading the tip jar (and then, of course, leaving a tip). Trust me, you won’t regret it.

A display of jewelry on a counter at the Apple Tree store2. Shop Local

Whether you need to shop for clothes and knickknacks or funky gifts and locally grown food (at the weekly Farmer’s Market), High Street is lined with places where you can shop. My sophomore year, a friend in my Chemistry 111 class and I walked Uptown to grab some food. We then found ourselves in Apple Tree (28 E. High St.) to look around. We weren’t planning on purchasing anything, but we ended up buying matching earmuffs. She, unfortunately, ended up transferring schools, which broke my heart because we had become so close. However, during those cold winter months in Oxford, I always wear the earmuffs and remember how much fun we had that day.

If you want to make your own memorable retail experience with a new friend, check out our shopping directory here.

3. Get a Scoop (or more) at the Many Ice Cream ShopsA large group of students pose together and smile at Spring Street Treats

What is great about Oxford is that there are so many options to cure your sweet tooth. Treat yourself to a cone from Graeter’s (29 W. High St.) and sit Uptown with your friends or walk a block and get a milkshake from United Dairy Farmer's (101 W. High St.). You also have the option to head on over to Spring Street Treats (321 W. Spring St.) to get some dairy-free ice cream while also channeling your inner kid and running around the playground! Honestly, if I could consume that much ice cream, I would get all three in one day.

At the end of every school year, MAP takes all of its members to Spring Street Treats. It's so much fun to destress, especially with finals coming up. We play on the playground and enjoy each other's company.

By now it probably goes without saying, but being in Oxford will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

An autumnal photo of the uptown park with trees turning orange, pink flowers, a fountain, and a couple of people walking arm in arm away from the camera

4. Sit Back and Enjoy This Picturesque Town

Whether you’re here to obtain your education, on a visit, or live here as a resident, Oxford has something for everyone to enjoy. After a long day of classes, my favorite thing to do is to take the long way to my house and walk Uptown to take in the beauty this town has to offer. I suggest that if you find yourself in this picturesque town, take a seat in Uptown Park and just really soak in the beauty of Oxford. Ask anyone: this beautiful brick town is truly incredible and is something you need to experience for yourself! It breaks my heart that I only have one year left at this special place, but I promise I will make the most of it.

If you are an incoming freshman, make the most of it. Believe it or not, four years go by fast. I would do anything to experience Oxford for the first time again. Take advantage of every opportunity this small town has to offer. I promise you won’t regret it.

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