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Whether it's painting pottery or trekking through a gorgeous nature trail, you already know how to have fun in Oxford, Ohio (also known as the best small town in all the land). But do you know where to go in order to do all the everyday adulting stuff? We're talking about laundry! Auto repair! Pet grooming and more! Mama warned you that one day all of these things would be your responsibility and unfortunately, she was right. Thankfully you have us here to help you figure out where to go to get it all done.

We have a whole list of local services on our website and all you have to do to get there is click here. But because we like you (what's not to like!) we decided to make things even more convenient by summing up that big ol' list of local services right here in this blog post. Now navigating our website will be so easy, you'll have no excuse to ignore that growing pile of clothes on your laundry chair.

Grocery and Convenience

Time to go shopping for some super healthy food! Or poptarts and ramen. We don't judge. At our Kroger grocery store you can get a mix of both. Or keep it organic and support local by shopping the Moon Co-Op, our cooperative grocery store and deli. The new Fridge and Pantry Uptown Market also has you covered with fresh produce and frozen meals. If you're looking for drugstore basics then check out our CVS, Walgreens, or Dollar General.

For a full list of Grocery and Convenience stores, click here.

Health Services

Nobody likes being sick. Sure, maybe you get the day off from work, but how fun is that if you're coughing too loudly to hear your favorite daytime soap on the TV? Fortunately, we have no shortage of pharmacies in Oxford to help get you feeling right. You can pick up common cold medicines and get prescriptions filled at Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens. If you have an emergency, Oxford Urgent Care is perfect for minor injuries and illnesses, while McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital is our town's fully accredited, comprehensive hospital.

For all health services, click here.

City Services and Information

Got a fire? Call the Oxford Fire & Emergency Services! Got a parking question? Call the Oxford Police and Parking Department! Got a book you just have to read but don't want to buy because you need to save money for all that laundry you're about to do after you read this blog post? Call the Oxford Lane Library! These are just a few the city services available to keep our town safe and engaging. Additionally, the Oxford City Administration helps everything run smoothly with departments like Community Development and Finance & Utilities.

Get the full listing of these services and their phone numbers here.

Home and Auto

Chances are good that you have a house or a car or maybe even both! We sometimes take these things for granted, which is how that oil change you were supposed to get done three months ago still hasn't happened. (Again, we're not judging.) There are a ton of places in Oxford to get your car looked at and repaired or to buy the tools you need to do it yourself, from Auto Zone to Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto Service. Get your car in tip-top shape, then spend some time keeping your house in order with Gilman's Home Center, Walmart, or Furniture Fair.

For all home and auto services, click here.


Okay, we've put this off long enough. Time to do laundry. We admit it's not our favorite thing to do but it still has to be done, and it does always feel good afterward when everything is warm and clean and smelling like a field of flowers (or whatever detergent fragrance you use). Locust Street Laundry is a two-in-one wash center so you can do laundry and wash your car at the same time. Or if your schedule is too hectic for washing and folding, call the Oxford Laundry Service; they'll not only pick up your dirty laundry but return it once it's cleaned. Capital Dry Cleaners provide dry cleaning, laundry, and hemming for when those new pants you bought are just a tad too long.

For a full list of laundry services, click here.

Printing and Mailing

It's not too late to send a thank you card to your grandma for the birthday present she got you five months ago! Use Oxford's post office or UPS store to send out and pick up mail. Both have packaging and postage available for purchase. If you need something printed or copied, the Oxford Copy Shop is calling your name. It's adorable from the outside and efficient on the inside. Letterman Printing is another option for your printing needs, with services ranging from posters to banners and blueprints.

For phone numbers and addresses of these printing and mailing services, click here.


When it comes to their health, your furry four-legged friends deserve the very best. (The same cannot be said for their toys, since your cat probably prefers a cardboard box to whatever expensive gizmo you just brought home from the pet store.) With talented and passionate vets at both the Animal Care Clinic and the Oxford Veterinary Hospital, your furbabies will be in trusted and careful hands. For keeping your pets nice and clean, Oxford Kennel offers grooming services, as well as daycare and boarding.

For a list of pet services, click here.

Salons and Barbers

Whether you want to treat yourself to a relaxing and luxurious haircut or keep it quick and simple, Oxford has an option for your head (and the hair on top of it). The Luna Blu Salon is a full service salon and spa, with facials and massages as well as cut and style options. Bowtie Barber will make you feel pampered with towel facials, not to mention keep your sweet tooth satisfied with complementary root beer. If you're in a rush, Great Clips is the perfect casual salon that will get you in and out in no time but still with a perfect new 'do.

For a full list of Salons and Barbers, click here.

Profile Picture of the article writer. Written Sept. 7, 2018
By Taylor Meredith
Enjoy Oxford Communications Specialist

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