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Rainy Days in Oxford, Ohio

Honestly, I love the rain. One of my favorite sounds is the rain pouring against my window. Maybe I'm crazy, but it really doesn't bother me that when I get rained on (except maybe when I'm walking...

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Give Back in Oxford, Ohio 2018

Oxford, Ohio is a small town with a big heart. Working at both Enjoy Oxford and the Lane Library (where groups reserve rooms for meetings on a daily basis) has put me in a position to see just how...

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Dogs of Oxford: Halloween Edition

The summer heat has finally come to an end (after weeks and weeks of 90 degree weather), and Halloween is just around the corner. So what's the best part about Halloween? Is it the pumpkin-spiced...

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Fall Has Arrived in Oxford, Ohio 2018

What is it about autumn that is so magical? Is it the leaves changing from green to gold? The crisp, cool air that invites soft blankets and open windows? The gourds, warm drinks, and cozy sweaters?...

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