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Lovin' on our dogs in Oxford, OH

Here in Oxford, Ohio, we sure do know how to love our dogs well! And now that spring is finally here and the weather is nice, we just can't get enough of our furry friends throughout the community....

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Spring into Oxford, OH

The weather is finally getting warmer and spring is in full swing here in Oxford, Ohio! From area attractions to festivals and farmers markets, our charming town isn't lacking in fun things to do for...

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Breakfast done right in Oxford, Ohio

Here in Oxford, Ohio, we know how to do breakfast right! With many restaurants to choose from, you are bound to find some new go-to breakfast meals for a busy weekday morning or a lazy weekend. All...

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Beekeeping in Oxford, Ohio

In the apiculture world, Oxford, Ohio is known as the “mecca of beekeeping.” From the Butler County Beekeepers Association to the newly-established Miami Apiculture Society, opportunities to get...

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Wildflower Walks 2018

Don't let the snow on the ground fool you. Spring is here! Warmer temperatures, sunny skies, and persistent flower buds peeking up from beneath the ground are all evidence that a new season is upon...

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