Thankful for Oxford, Ohio

In honor of Thanksgiving month, we’ve asked Oxford locals of all ages what they love most about our beloved town. After reading their responses, I think it’s safe to say that we are thankful for Oxford all year round!

“What do you love most about Oxford, Ohio?”

  • “That our town embraces all age groups! We have a commitment to young children, excellent schools for elementary through high school kids, not to mention Miami University! We also have a senior center for older adults which happens to be rare for small towns! Our activities are geared for all ages through Oxford festivals, numerous museums, and our library. To keep all of us active, we have a beautiful community park, access to the Miami Rec Center, the Goggin Ice Arena, loads of trails, and we are minutes from Hueston Woods State Park. We are inclusive, accessible, and have excellent medical care including a local hospital! We are amazing!” (Susan H, age 73)
  • “The small town relationships with the benefits of a university in our backyard. Kofenya, Mac & Joe’s, You’re Fired, Goggin Ice Center, and the new bike path are my favorites! My kids are able to ride their bikes around town safely, and it’s easy to know your neighbors!” (Betsy W, age 40)
  • “It’s my favorite college town (and I’ve been affiliated with four college towns!)” (Kathy S, age 59)
  • “The Aquatic Center in the summers. The slides, icees, and pizza are the best!” (Mason P, age 11)
  • “The small town feel while also having the option to get to Cincinnati in under an hour.” (Sally R, age 39)
  • “The small town charm, going Uptown with my friends, and taking the bus to class.” (Kathryn A, age 23)
  • “Having access to the university Rec center. The campus is beautiful. The public works to keep the town clean and beautiful. I enjoy the restaurants on High Street.” (Jeff J, age 61)
  • “The Community Arts Center. Theater summer camp was soooo fun!” (Norah P, age 8)
  • “Seeing a friendly face pretty much everywhere I go, and the tight-knit community that comes with being a small town.” (Claire H, age 26)
  • “The brick streets, the beautiful college campus, the small businesses on High Street, the diversity of the people, and the churches.” (Gregory M)
  • “The small-town environment and community, the ability to know and have relationships with local owners, and the ammenities and activities that the University brings, like Goggin Ice Center, the art museum, performing arts shows, sports games, and more. There’s always something to do!” (Kim D, age 56)

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