Meet Our Staff: Kim!

Name: Kim Daggy

Job Title: Director

What does your role as Director entail? I oversee all administrative, operating, and marketing functions of the Visistor’s Bureau. I work closely with the Board of Directors to create and implement strategic plans to promote Oxford as a destination to local, state, regional, national, and international audiences.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Enjoy Oxford? Definitely the variety of work, the oppertunity to be creative, and interact directly with the community.

How long have you lived in Oxford? I moved here in 2010, but my sister went to Miami U and remained here, so I have been visiting her regularly since her college years! I loved it so much and wanted to be closer to her, so we moved.

Write up an itinerary for your perfect day in Oxford:

Favorite restaurant in town? I have too many! I’ll break it down. Coffee = Kofenya // Breakfast = Patterson’s // Lunch = Krishna, Bodega, Left Field Tavern, and Moon Co-Op Deli // Dinner = Paesano’s, Cru, and Pickle & Pig // Dessert = Spring Street Treats. Told ya I have a lot…

Word on the street is that the EO staff can’t go a day without coffee. What’s your go-to order?

Highlander Grogg, black, half decaf.

Fun fact about yourself? I’m a lefty!

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